Meet Our Team

Pastors Patrick "Packy" and Janet Thompson

Lead Pastor & Worship Leader

Pastor Packy was elected as the senior pastor here at Bayou Blue assembly in 1993, and, over the last 30 years, has led us through many hardships and tragedies. God has called him here, and he consistently states that he will be here until he retires.
His wife, Pastor Janet, is our worship leader and has helped lead our congregation alongside him.
It is their vision that has helped make us who we are today. Their heart for missions, holiness, and discipleship has made Bayou Blue a home for many missionaries and a place of healing and restoration for many.

Connie Deroche

Associate Pastor

Pastor Connie started as our children's pastor, where she served for 18 years. She joined our staff in July of 2004, and, in 2012, she transitioned to the role of associate pastor, where she has led alongside pastor. She excels at putting together the little details to make Pastor's vision come alive.

Dylan and Alysa Greene

Student Ministries Pastors

Dylan and Alysa Greene began serving as our Jr. High Pastors in January of 2022. In December of 2022, they took over as youth pastors as well, forming our student pastor position.
Dylan is a Master's student at SUM Bible College, where Alysa previously graduated with her bachelors. They have a deep passion for connecting with students!

Michelle Guidry

Children's Pastor

Pastor Michelle Joined our staff in 2018 as event coordinator. In September 2020, she transitioned into the role of children's pastor. Michelle has two kids of her own and is absolutely amazing with kids. She is also a creative with endless ideas! She, along with her husband, Justin, has been a real blessing to our families.

Tiffany Bourg & Melissa Kelley

SUM Cohort Advisors

Tiffany Bourg graduated SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary in 2022, and Melissa Kelley is currently working on her degree as well. In February of 2022, these two stepped up to lead SUM Houma. Both having a huge heart for raising up a generation of ministers, we couldn't ask for better examples for our students. 

Mikey and Shereen Cheshier

Missions Coordinators

Mikey, son of Mike and Marigold Cheshier, and his wife, Shereen, have been in ministry for the majority of their lives and currently serve as full time evangelist. After hurricane Ida devastated our church in 2021, they moved to Houma to join our staff and provide support for our pastor.

Hannah Brien

Office Administrator

Over the years, Hannah has filled many roles within our staff. Beginning as children's pastor in 2012, she is currently serving as our office administrator, handling all things scheduling, financials, etc. She excels in administration and has been the perfect fit for our team. Though her work is often unseen, Hannah keeps Bayou Blue up and running!

Thomas Simmons

Media Director

Tommy has been a part of our church since 2015. He graduated SUM Houma with a Bachelor's in Biblical Studies in 2021, then went on to get a second Bachelor's in Worship and Music. He is currently working on his Master of Arts in Church Music and serves on our staff as our media director and administrative assistant. 

Stacy Dufrene

Campus Custodian

Stacy joined our staff in 2015 and is one of the most diligent people you will ever meet! She makes sure everything is clean and brings so much joy with her as she does. She is always smiling, making jokes, and sharing laughter! Her and her husband Jared have one child, Kylie, and a beautiful grandbaby, Rosalynn. Stacy loves corn-hole, coffee, and Reese's peanut butter cups!

Dwayne Webre

Campus Maintenance

Dwayne is our church handyman! He can fix it, make it, solve it- he is one of the most resourceful men you can find! His wife, Karla, helps to run our Missions Possible Thrift Store, and both of them have a huge passion for missions. They are often taking trips to Kenya to work in the orphanage. He might be shy, but he has a very big heart!

Check out our ministries!

Check out our ministries!