SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary

A Nationwide Community of Believers

Sum is equipping believers all over the world for the ministry of Jesus Christ. They have cohorts in Singapore, the Philippines, Jamaica, Ghana, and more! They are constantly expanding their reach so the Kingdom will constantly be expanding its reach.
Community is one of our biggest focuses and is one of the most important parts of the SUM experience. While this is a academic university, it is more than that. This is a tool use to prepare you for a life of ministry. With that commitment comes a lot hardships, battles, and growth that no one could do alone. At SUM Houma, we are a family that looks out for one another. We cry together; we laugh together; do ministry together; and worship together. Why? Because the Bible is clear: we can only do this together.


SUM offers three different levels of degrees: associate's, bachelor's, and master's.

Our AA Degree in Theology & Ministry provides core classes, basic Biblical classes, theological foundation, and initial ministry education to help those called to ministry. The credits in the A.A. degree can be continued into a Bachelor's at SUM or to other schools towards a non-ministry degree.

The AATM takes approximately a year and a half to complete.

The Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Ministry degree is a three-year degree offered for the purpose of equipping students for effective ministry through academic instruction, hands-on ministry, and personal mentorship that helps students attain a fundamental grounding in Theology and Ministry. Various course tracks are available to provide a customizable learning experience and grow each student towards the field of ministry  to which the student is called.

The BAWM is a three-year degree that prepares future ministry leaders with musical proficiency in the tradition of music conservatories, along with a biblical-theological education that cultivates servant leaders in the context of practical ministry experience and personal mentorship. Graduates are prepared to serve the Church in worship and music ministry, or continue with graduate-level education in worship and music studies.

The MACL program is designed for  men and women called to leadership roles in a local church setting, para-church organizations, or the marketplace, and  those who are currently in leadership roles who are seeking to enhance their leadership skills through development of biblical, theological, practical, and theoretical understanding. The program provides students with a solid understanding of biblical leadership principles and strategies, while preparing them to serve in leadership positions.
This degree usually takes two years to complete.

The MABS is a two-year program that equips students in biblical-theological understanding as it instructs in ministry work, including teaching, preaching, Bible education, and research. Students research biblical and theological  concepts with a view toward equipping the saints and building the local church. The MA in Biblical Studies is an appropriate degree for anyone called to serve in any of the five-fold ministries.

The Master of Divinity program at SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary is a three-year degree that equips Christian leaders in the charismatic-pentecostal faith for their fivefold callings as apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors or teachers. The program forms leaders for the present global Christian movement. The MDiv is the degree for senior Christian leaders and those who seek deep and broad understanding of Christian faith and church leadership to guide the church in the 21st century.

Experience starts now.

The biggest advantage we offer our students here at SUM Houma is that they get to do ministry alongside our pastors who have been in ministry for years. SUM requires students to go through what we call "Practicums" for the first two years of their degree. These practicums are courses that require students to do four hour of ministry every single week within their selected field while learning underneath a practicum leader.

In their last year, they are required to take an internship class, in which they then take the lead on a ministry or event, guided by a leader.
By the end of all of this, our students graduate having year of ministry experience in a variety of areas, having been trained by experienced ministers, and are ready to go into a ministry position themselves, which 89% of graduates do go on to work in full time ministry.

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